Done and done.

Yesterday was Stone's first day to not go in to work at his graphic design job at Calvary Bible Church. He has decided to take on his Stone Crandall Photography business full time and I am so excited to see what all he can do with it. We have been so blessed these past two years to have our friends and family supporting us and bringing clients our way. Something exciting to look for in the near future is more graphic design work from Stone, possibly in the form of an online print shop that will have custom invitations (more on this to come!).

Stone and I are also expanding our business beyond the Colorado state line. We have been able to travel some, taking photos for various things and we would love to do more of that (especially if it means going to Texas or California where we can visit our family and friends too!). Again, our entire business has been based upon word of mouth and we have been successful without much advertising. We so appreciate the continued support from all of our friends and family as we begin this new phase of our business.

Stone is currently working on a handful of different photo projects and will have new posts up soon.

You can check out our work here.


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