Wrap it up.

I love pretty wrapping. In fact, this has been the source of a couple of arguments between my husband and I (not big ones of course!). But, the first year we were married he did not wrap my gifts, just had them all there. Then this past Valentine's he got me the perfect thing and then wrapped it in a Safeway Grocery Store paper bag with tape all around it. My birthday, however, they were beautifully wrapped (thanks husband!). It just took some time. But, my argument was that when you are receiving a present, it usually does not happen quite often, (maybe three or four times a year) so you want it to be a special thing.

I don't know maybe that sounds stupid now that I write it out, but, it must be a girl thing.

My friend turned me onto this website. Just another creative person doing what she loves, and what she loves is wrapping. She creates the most beautiful papers and carries imported ribbon. She even has some letter pressed cards for everyday use!

Check out Angela's shop here.

While we are on the topic. I want these. Big time.

My husband and I both do not like our handwriting (in fact that was a new years resolution... to change the way I write), so these would be perfect. Calligraphy stamps for return addresses, you can find them here. The least amount that I need to actually handwrite the better it is for everyone I think : )


Stone Crandall Photography said...

I am getting so much better at wrapping, I just thought the really ego-conscious, industrial paper grocery store bag was "so in."

Kate and Zach said...

OH, I LOVE the stamp!! I want one now! :) And, Shelby- I totally get your love of pretty wrapping-- have you ever been to Paper Source? :)

Shel + Stone said...

Paper Source is one of my favorite stores in Dallas, when Stone and I were getting married I went in there just about every other day! So fun : )

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