Oh, delish!

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So, every once and a while Stone and I treat ourselves at the grocery store and pick up a tub of Nutella (reason that we cannot do this too often is because it is always eaten within 3 days of buying!).

This past weekend we watched the movie 'It's Complicated' and Meryl Streep owns the cutest bakery and in one scene she bakes homemade chocolate croissants, which left my mouth watering for them. Now the way I make these is super easy, but if you are feeling Martha Stewart-y then maybe you can try making homemade croissants. I found a recipe for those here.

If not, just use Pillsbury Croissants and fill each with one spoonful of Nutella. That easy. And trust me, it is so delicious.


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ash said...


just made these treats last night! thanks for the recipe. they were super delish and i love nutella a whole bunch as well.

love the blog as well.

hope you're doing well!

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