Secret rose cutting mission.

For the shower this past weekend I told the girls I would bring some lavender in vases to decorate the tables. There is usually a substantial amount of lavender growing right by our house, but it just has not bloomed yet. Also, because of the rain I was not outside much to go hunting for some. Instead of buying some flowers at Whole Foods (which could get very expensive), Stone and I went on a secret mission at about midnight to cut some roses that grow on a huge bush right in front of our condos. We cut a good amount of them, but the rosebush is so big you could not even tell (we feel a smidge bad for it, but we figure since it is on our condo's property, we kind of pay for the rosebush too, at least thats how we rationalize it). I am usually not a big fan of roses bought from a store, but these are absolutely gorgeous. I don't know what the name for them is, but they are a little rough around the edges and smell oh so good.

Long story short... we stole roses, and now they are decorating our home and we love them.
: )

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