Our project this weekend.

Stone and I spent some much needed time outside on our porch this weekend working on our pots (does that sound weird to say working on our pots?). Earlier this Spring we went to Lowes and bought our patio furniture, which we are loving, and the price was perfect. On Friday we brought home a mixture of flowers that will survive the hot sun, as well as some herbs! Next on our list is a strawberry and blueberry bush for our other two remaining pots, then we are done!

Here are some photos of how it all turned out : )

I love how green peppers become flowers first and then grow into the peppers!

My mom gave Stone and my brother in law, Preston, each one of those mugs a Christmas or two ago... then last Christmas my sister and I both got one. They are a couple of our favorite mugs (thanks mom!)! By the way, if you drink coffee and are not using a press pot yet, do so... immediately, it will be a whole new and better coffee, trust me.

Oh, ya, and that is the view from our porch.

Don't be jeal.


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