Weekend wrap up.

This weekend was just perfect. I was in Vail for my sister-in-laws bachelorette... we sat out by the pool, ate really good Mexican food, and just had girl time. I cannot believe her wedding is less than a month away now! So crazy exciting.

Husband spent the weekend taking and editing photos. He had an engagement shoot on Saturday that he said went great! They shot in this historic neighborhood in Boulder. Finally yesterday, Stone and I went to Crate&Barrel (real, exciting, right?) because we have been putting off getting him an office chair forever, and since we still have wedding gift cards there we decided to go get one... we chose this one. Not the most comfortable, but a huge upgrade from what he has been sitting in, and I like the look!



Stephanie said...

What Mexican restaurant did you go to in Vail?

kelsey said...

This picture is PERFECT. Thanks for a great weekend Sheliz!
Love you,

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