Happily ever after dishtowels.

Yesterday at Kels's shower one of the girls gave her these dishtowels.

Are they not the cutest gift idea for a wedding shower? And since it is the season, I thought I would share. My husband claims that if they were dishtowels from your great aunt hand embroidered for you then they would not be cool, but because Anthro sells them, all the girls love it. Haha, funny, but not true. I think they are too sweet. Definitely a special thing to have forever.

By the way, they say 'They Fell in Love', 'They Got Married', and 'They Lived Happily Ever After'. Each towel has cute little birds on them too.


miche said...

i gave these to katie crawford! love them

Kate and Zach said...

These are presh!!!! I love them!!

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