A belated birthday gift.

I just received a belated-birthday package in the mail yesterday from my sister. She cannot really keep secrets so I already knew what was inside :)

She sent me a copy of Creative, inc. The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business, and I just cannot wait to start reading it (but my husband ha taken it hostage and will most likely read through it before me). First of all, Stone and I are always open to new ideas of bettering our photography business. Also, I would love to get into graphic design and incorporate that into Stone Crandall Photography somehow, too! I have designed a few shower invites for friends over the past few years and have loved it, I just need to find time to actually pursue it.

And a fun note... one of the writers of this book is a blogger and I already read her posts daily and love them!

You can go here to buy your own copy.


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