A BIG announcement.

Well folks, husband and I have decided to make a move from the mountains to the ocean (i.e. we are headed to California!). This is something we have thought (and dreamed) about for a while now, it has taken some serious prayer, and we know that this is the right next move for the two of us. Stone has always loved the ocean, he cannot wait to spend his weekends surfing! We both are itching for some change and adventure and cannot wait to see what the future will hold for us. I also am excited to bring you all along too as we explore our new home.

So this brings me to my next announcement... our lease is up on our condo, which is bitter sweet. Bitter, because this was our first home together as a married couple and we have had so many wonderful memories here in Boulder. Sweet, because we are beginning a fun new chapter of our lives and like I said we are ready for a bit of a change. We are moving out this Monday, however Stone has booked weddings and shoots through mid-October so we will be sticking around until then. For the next month-ish we will be living at my in-laws home in Fort Collins! We are so thankful and blessed that this was an option for us, and I think it will be fun to call them housemates for a while!

So, as we are saying goodbye to Boulder we have decided to spend our last week here hitting up some of our favorite spots around town. Every day we have planned a fun little date to go on....

Date 1 {Monday} South Side Walnut Cafe
When Stone and I were dating in college he would always bring me to the South Side Walnut Cafe on the morning that I was leaving to head back to Texas. Since then we have loved going together, we do not go often because we love to spend the mornings in our PJs at home (okay, maybe that is just me in my PJs, but, whatev).

Stone had a breakfast sandwich and I devoured their french toast... YUM indeed!

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Erin said...

Exciting news! Best of luck in Cali!

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