Design inspiration: Bookshelves

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When Stone and I moved into our little apartment we combined all of our things to furnish and decorate it. And, with combining our things, came combining both of our extensive book collections. Of course Stone has a lot of books on the outdoors and me, well, I have a lot of good beach reads :)

We had no idea what to do with all of these books and we were not in the place to go and buy a huge new bookshelf to house all of them. Eventually, we will. But, for now they have all been piled into two large baskets against one of our walls under the window, and I actually really like the look of it. Plus, when friends come over, our baskets seem to become a public library and we are always lending out good reads!

I love all of the ideas in the above photos, how cool are the framed books? And, the bookshelf on the top right is a dream, all they need is a sliding ladder to reach the ones on the very top!

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