Week wrap up.

We had such an amazing time in Crested Butte this past week with my family. It was so nice to take a break from the computer and just hang out. We brought Stone's grampa's SX70 Land Camera (basically a very old Polaroid camera... very cool). We actually found film for it here and got some really fun shots during our trip. Once the film has totally processed it still has this really vintage look to it!

Here is a little list of things we did this past week on our trip...

- Hiked 6 miles up Mt.Crested Butte to the top with hopes of coming down on the chair lift, however, we quickly found out that the chair lift stopped running after 2:30PM (we were a good hour late) SO we also hiked the 6 miles back down... whew!

- Brought a picnic and spent the afternoon playing on Long Lake with inner-tubes, kayaks and canoes!

- Had dinner at Brick Oven Pizza! Sooo yummy.

- I went on two runs, which has inspired me to keep at it... hopefully I can stick to it this time!

- Played lots of late night Chicken Foot, of course.

- Met with this woman of Eidolon Press and got to see all of her beautiful letterpress work as well as her equipment! Hopefully we will be ordering business cards from her soon!

- Had a fun spontaneous photoshoot with my sister and brother-in-law.

- Read.

- Slept in.

- Enjoyed time with the fam!


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kelsey said...

I love these pictures!

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