Have a relaxing weekend!

Yup... you guessed right... another wedding for Stone and I this weekend!

We are headed up to Wyoming tomorrow to photograph a wedding and are so excited for the day. This couple is super atheletic, she played on the soccer team through college and the groom is a wrestler (as well as all of the groomsmen! Stone better do a good job, yikes!). Also, I have officially started my countdown (and paper chain... yes, I make paper chains for all exciting upcoming events), because in exactly a week from tomorrow I will get to see my mom, sister and brother in law! It has been since early May since I have seen their shining faces and I cannot even wait.

Tonight we drove to Fort Collins to hang out with Stone's parents and have a good home cooked meal. Wendy made some incredible enchiladas that I will be sharing the recipe with you in the near future, until then you can just wait on pins and needles ;)

That's about it for us this week, we may try to catch a movie on Sunday night... I am dying to see 'Dinner for Schmucks'.

Some posts to keep you entertained this weekend. xo!

States United poster (above) found here.

14 Real Simple room makeovers.

'I Tweet Therefore I Am'... an interesting article.

Impossible Project. So happy that they are making Polaroid film again!

A blingin' light bulb.

And if you have not yet seen the Dinner for Schmucks movie trailer... check it out. Also, you can spend about an hour on Apple movie trailers looking at all the movies about to come out, I secretly do this pretty often. Shhh, don't tell.

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