These boots were made for walkin'.

So there was definitely a chill in the air today here, which makes me think that the nice crisp Fall weather will be hear soon! I have just a few (okay maybe a little more than a few) boots on my winter wardrobe wishlist (what? do you not have one of these? you should get started on your own then, soon!). And really, all roads lead to Frye. My husband has a pair and I think he looks so dang handsome when he wears them :) So, I think it is about time I get a pair of my own. Now, how do I narrow these down?

I like Frye because they last forever (my mother-in-law still has hers from forever ago!) and they have a little country in them, but not too much.

I will still need these in California... right? I mean, maybe they will not be as much of a necessity as they are here in Colorado, but still totally justifiable!


sally said...

Shel! What model are the ones in the middle of the bottom row? I NEED them. Hope the move is going well!

Shel + Stone said...

Hey Sal! They are the Drado Low boot in Stone... Here is the link: http://www.thefryecompany.com/Product-Women-Boots-Riding%20Boots-77073STO.aspx

I love them too! xo.

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