Tasty snacks.

I am not a big lunch eater, I love my other two meals each day so much more. Also, working at a boutique there is not a ton of time during the day to sit down to a nice lunch. But, I need to keep my energy up throughout the day and that is when snackity-snacks (isn't snack a funny word? It looks weird to even write it) come into play. Forever ago, I got a Real Simple mag, which had 24 healthy snack ideas... how perfect is that! Real Simple is always there to help out when you need it. Anyway, I love all of the creative things that they came up with and would be happy munching on any of them as a lunch replacement. Go here to see more of their ideas and just to browse their website, it is pretty great!

Top Bunch: Almonds with Dried Cherries, Apples and Almond Butter, and Edamame.

Second Bunch: Multigrain Cracker with Ricotta (part skim) and Honey, Hard-boiled Egg with Pepper, Endive Leave with Ricotta (part skim).

Third Bunch: Greek Yogurt with Walnuts and Honey, Melba Toast with Low-Fat Cream Cheese and Dried Cranberries, Air Popped Popcorn with Dark Chocolate Shavings.

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Kim said...

i swear by all of these snacks! YUM! also, we are about to move to boulder & are on the hunt for apartments & jobs. which boutique did you work at?

((randomly found your blog through michele ireland's blog))


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