Moving day.

Today was spent carrying boxes down three flights of stairs and then back up again, grabbing more boxes, and back down. Great work-out, but very tiring! Thankfully we had the help of my sweet father-in-law, Scoot, who probably carried more boxes than Stone and I combined! This is our first of two moves in the next month and a half (next will be to California!)! Whew, I am tired just thinking about it.

We are now settling into Stone's parent's home in Fort Collins and are looking forward to a good night's sleep.

By the way, Scoot was kind enough to point out my unfortunate misspelling of bowls on one of the boxes (and my husband was kind enough to take a picture of it!). This is what happens when you are packing at all hours of the night, and possibly distracted by the Emmy's on TV!

I will be back to my normal self again tomorrow.

Until then. xo.

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