Date 2 {Tuesday} Chipotle on Pearl

It was our last 'Chipotle Tuesday' yesterday... and actually, kind of sad for us. A lot of the Chipotle crowd has disintegrated, but, the Crandall fam is still as strong as ever there. In years past we could have as many as 20 people at Chipotle. I recommend this to everyone, because weeks can get hectic and your plans to hang out with your friends can be put off, over and over again. But, everyone has to eat dinner, so why not a burrito with friends once a week?

Stone and I have so many great memories from Chipotle Tuesdays. Stone has been going for SIX years by now (in other words, he has eaten over 312 burritos!). We will also, especially miss the crew that works on Tuesdays at the Chipotle on Pearl Street. They were always so happy to see us and every now and then even threw in a free one :)

Hopefully we will continue the tradition with friends in California!



Stone Crandall Photography said...

6 years of Chipotle Tuesday = 288,600 calories well spent! Always one of the best days of my week.

Caitlin said...

sweet sweet chipotle, thank you for the memories.... this post is going to make me cry

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