Introducing: The Crandall

I have written about my friend's (Billy) ties before. Really, I just discovered his blog a couple months ago and then while reading it, found out that he makes these great skinny ties for men (or women, I suppose that look is kind of in right now). Anyway he made one for my husband, who is also a friend of Billy's, and he is calling it 'The Crandall'. I love it, and so does Stone, he could not be more excited!

Here is another example of Billy's ties. I am trying to convince him that he should sell them... maybe on Etsy? Maybe on his own blog? Either way, I think they are awesome and way better than any JCrew tie I have ever seen :)

By the way... Ralph Lauren started his business by making ties at home by the name of 'Polo'. This could be the beginning of something huge!

Check out Billy's blog here, he is also a really talented photographer.

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