Workin' on it...

So, one of my New Year's resolutions was to improve my handwriting. I know, I know... this is something that parents make their 6th grade children do, but another one of my resolutions was to learn to swim and I should have had that down by sixth grade too! I am just a little behind. Stone has been giving me swimming lessons and I have improved a lot, I just need to get my legs and arms to coordinate in the breaststroke, they seem to forget what they are supposed to be doing.

Anyway, my next challenge is to change my handwriting. Most moms that I know have pretty handwriting, and since I want to be one of those some day I need to have a pretty script too! Plus, I would not want my kids teachers to think that they forged their parents 'out-of-school sick' notes on account of my bad handwriting.

I just need to figure out a method. My sister is an architect and she had to change the way she writes when she was in school, I would love to write how she does. It is precise and clear with a little architect funk thrown in. I want to find an alphabet that I can print off and just trace over.

That's the plan for now... I will keep you updated :)

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CaronNicole said...

Ditto...about wanting "mommy handwriting." Good luck to ya!

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